Welcome to my blog about my favorite color

I only post here when I change of favorite color.


We constantly make use of social spaces on the Internet to construct and define our identity, through sharing things that seem related to us. At the same time, having an internet presence these days has become very much about speed and intensity — continuously posting and being seen. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, even though our first purpose may be to simply connect as humans.

My Favorite Color is a poetic blogging tool that I build myself, which in its architecture and content tries to reconnect with how I feel about these online practices.

It's a way to replay the speed of online information flow at a more sensitive rhythm. Showing one color at a time and only posting when my feeling on it has changed. The act of not posting takes value: as long as it's my favorite color, not posting reinforces how much it means to me. The small amount of information that a single color constitutes also leaves room for unloaded mental space.

I wanted the blog's architecture to be minimal, playing with the idea of ​​what a blog is. I also wanted it to be functional, to have options / tools that make it actually connected and not a lonely page. But I didn't want to reproduce the same mechanisms that felt alienating to me on other platforms, so I ended up with

A slow poem of minimal content, giving away personnal datas with time over the internet.